We have a caring and open atmosphere. We work together to achieve the most remarkable goals in everything we do.
Crasman as a company

We know each other very well.  Our internal culture is dynamic, strong and adaptive. We are a growing organization with an opportunity for everyone to contribute. We are characterized by a limitless curiosity to learn and develop.

We are curious to find new things

Technological constraints will not be allowed to hold us back and so we nurture curiosity, our most important characteristic to keep pace in a constantly changing world.  It’s an interest in our environment, an enthusiasm for getting to know new things, and most critically the boldness to try them out.

It’s a love for details and a desire to reach a deep understanding of how and why.

We have around 170 clients who trust us year after year.
3,7 MEUR
3.7 million EUR revenue in 2016.
strong and always looking for talented people.
of our clients recommend us! (Net Promoter Score of 42, just like the meaning of life.)

Crasman has operated in the heart of Punavuori, Helsinki since 1996 ♥

Fringe benefits
Fringe benefits
  • Choice of work tools
  • Workplace massage
  • Extensive health insurance
  • Home Broadband
  • Flexible working time
  • Activities and events
  • Healthy snacks
  • Lunch and recreational benefits
The Crasman spirit
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Hyvää juhannusta, juhlistamme keskikesää ja upeita onnistumisia! 🥂👌🏻🌻
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Suunnitteluworkshop - Asiakkaan kanssa juonitaan tulevaisuutta. #design #workshops #usability #userexperience
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Markkinoinnin automaatiojärjestelmät Suomessa. #inboundhelsinki #hubspot
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