Digital marketing is a combination of content and technology. It is a continuous process of responding to the customers' shifting needs and expectations with engaging and helpful content. The content is distributed along the buyer's journey by utilizing an appropriate technical solution resulting in increased sales and better understanding of the customer base.

A digital marketing plan touches on the following questions:

  • What are your business goals and how can digital marketing help to reach those goals?
  • What are your buyer personas?
  • Which channels do your customers use, how can you reach them and how should they be addressed?
  • What kinds of contents do you need and how often should they be published?
  • What kinds of technologies and platforms does the publishing, distribution and optimization of your content require?
  • How can you develop your web site or online store to better convert visitors to customers?
  • How can you use social media advertising and programmatic buying to your advantage?
  • How can you develop your product to enable better growth?
  • How can you delight your current customers and retain their business in the future?

Growth Marketing Combines the Best of Inbound and Digital Marketing

The goal of inbound marketing is to engage the customer with helpful content at the right stage of their buyer's journey. Growth marketing combines inbound marketing with more traditional digital marketing for optimized customer acquisition costs, content production resources and paid digital advertising efficiency. 

We work with our clients to help them become experts in growth marketing. This enables our customers to do their growth marketing independently with our assistance when necessary.

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