Facebook Advertising

You have to be able to reach your most potential customers for your advertising to be effective.

Previously popular "like and share" Facebook campaigns are losing their reach fast. Facebook has altered the algorithms that determine what content is displayed to the user. A business page in Facebook is estimated to reach only 10 to 15 percent of its followers following the change.  

The algorithm change signals a shift in focus towards paid advertising in Facebook. In other words: if you want your business to reach its target audiences in Facebook, you are forced to spend more money on advertising.  

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is suited for all kinds of businesses. It features a broad selection of ad types for both Facebook and Instagram. The simplest form of Facebook advertising is to start a business page for your company to increase accessibility and awareness. Different kinds of ad formats are:

  • Image Ads. Images can appear in the user's Facebook or Instagram feed and can include a short text. Image ads are great for increasing brand and product awareness.
  • Video Ads. Video is a good medium for engaging users. 
  • Carousels. A carousel ad enables you to feature up to ten images or videos on a user's news feed. Swipeable carousels are interactive and highly engaging.
  • Slide Shows. Slide shows are similar to videos but do not require a fast internet connection to run smoothly. A slide show is also an easier and cheaper alternative to video.
  • Collection Ads. Collection ads are a combination of image, video and carousel advertising. A versatile and engaging collection ad stands out from your competition.
  • Messenger Ads. Ads displayed on Facebook Messenger make contacting your business easier. They are displayed on the Messenger home screen.

Why Advertise in Facebook?

Facebook has massive user volumes both globally and in Finland. A large number of users doesn't always guarantee results. For your advertising to be effective, you have to be able to reach your most potential customers.

Facebook is superior to other platforms in its tools for ad targeting. You can target your ads using...

  • Location. Reach customers near you or in countries your business operates in.
  • Demographics. Age, gender, schooling, job title and so on.
  • Behavior. Target your ads to match shopping behavior or smartphone preference.
  • Connections. Target users that have previously contacted your business – or exclude them altogether if you want to reach completely new customers.

Perhaps the most interesting advertising tool in Facebook is targeting by similarity. Facebook has a massive database for recognizing similar users. Targeting audiences similar to your buyer personas is an easy way to reach highly potential new customers.

Crasman and Facebook Advertising

We are an experienced partner in Facebook advertising. Crasman utilizes Facebook as a versatile tool in implementing broad inbound marketing strategies.

Are you interested in Facebook marketing? Would you like to hear more about our services and solutions for your business?

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