Google Ads

Google display advertising is a convenient way of attracting new visitors.

Google Ads is a platform for text and image ads as well as YouTube advertising and in-app ads. 

  • Text ads are shown above organic search results that are related to your business
  • Video advertising is shown to users who watch YouTube videos related to your business. Video advertising can also be targeted using demographic information such as key interests or age.
  • Display advertising are banner or text-based ads shown on over 2 million websites and 650,000 mobile applications. Display ads can also feature interactive elements and animation.

The Benefits of Google Ads

Versatile Google Ads enable precise analytics on the effectivity of your advertising. Google Ads helps you reach your key audiences and time your advertising to coincide with campaign starts and other marketing efforts. Predefined pay-per-click pricing helps you stay within your budget and enables you to fine-tune and revise your campaigns as necessary. 

Advertising using Google Ads is profitable:

  • Quick and easy – Start and end campaigns at any time
  • Cost per click – You only pay for clicks
  • No minimum budget – You can increase or decrease your budget as needed
  • Stop guessing – Follow the results of your campaigns in real time and revise using data
  • Precise targeting – Reach the right people at the right time
  • Retargeting – Reach your previous customers with ease

Auction-based Pricing

Ad position is based on the Ad Rank system that is scores ads according to their quality and pre-defined budget. This forces advertisers to place emphasis on ad quality instead of just competing for the highest investment. 

The quality of an ad is calculated using expected clickthrough rate, relevance and landing page experience. The ad quality score is multiplied by the campaign budget resulting in the Ad Rank of your advertisement. Google sorts the ads according to their Ad Rank in descending order.  

Crasman Is Your Partner in Google Ads

The Crasman approach to Google Ads is to train our clients' staff and enable them to plan and execute their own Google Ads campaigns. Our experts work in  continuous collaboration with our clients to help them develop their advertising further.

If desired, we can also take a more hands-on approach to executing your advertising.

Are you interested in Google Ads? Would you like to hear more about the possibilities and benefits you can achieve?

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