LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is best suited for B2B marketing between businesses.

LinkedIn is the best platform for reaching company decision-makers and other key professionals.

What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn is the world's largest social media platform designed for professionals and businesses. LinkedIn advertising comes in many forms for best results in reaching a customer at the right stage of their buyer's journey. 

  • Sponsored updates are advertisements similar to native advertising that appear on the user's social stream.
  • Direct messages are messages sent directly to the InMail inbox of your target audience. Only send interesting content – avoid spam!
  • Display ads are traditional banner ads that are great for spreading awareness of your business.
  • Text ads (with images) are featured on the LinkedIn sidebar. 
  • Dynamic ads are personalized ads that are generated using information provided by the user. They can include, for example, the user's profile picture or job title.

Why Advertise in LinkedIn?

We recommend LinkedIn advertising especially for B2B companies who want to reach people in decision-making roles. LinkedIn is a great platform for image and recruitment campaigns also for consumer-centered and retail businesses.

The key benefits of LinkedIn advertising are:

  • Targeting. LinkedIn enables you to target your ads according to demographics, work experience, workplace or job title.
  • Metrics and Analytics. LinkedIn advertising is highly measurable. Advertising is based on an auction system and you can choose your tactic to be based on clicks, views or sent messages.
  • Cost-effectiveness. LinkedIn advertising is easy and efficient. You can start and end campaigns at any time.

Crasman and LinkedIn Advertising

Are you interested in LinkedIn advertising? We train our clients into becoming LinkedIn advertising experts. We want to enable them to being in charge of their own advertising and provide help and consulting on a monthly basis.

Best results are achieved when LinkedIn advertising is part of a broader inbound marketing strategy.

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