Native Advertising

Native advertising is online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. The content of native advertising usually matches the subject matter of the platform used.

Native advertising is not unlike product placement in movies and television series: for example, a business specializing in developing online services can advertise their blog content in related publications that focus on technical articles. 

What are the Benefits of Native Advertising?

Marketing has become omnipresent and ads seem to pop up everywhere. Fed up with the constant barrage of advertising, many are seeking ways to block online ads entirely. Ad blocking browser extensions are popular because of their ability to filter out annoying banner ads.

Native advertising avoids annoying the user by blending into its media environment. Native advertising is easy to target and benchmark. It is also cost effective – you can specify your budget beforehand and you only pay for clicks.  

High-Quality Engaging Content

Unlike traditional banner advertising, native advertising doesn't irritate the user. Instead, the user is lured towards the advertising with topical and appropriately themed content.

The mediums and templates for native advertising must be chosen with great care. Several versions of one advertisement can be published simultaneously to find out which one fares the best. A native content can be:

  • Informative: studies, articles, webinars
  • Entertaining: interviews, games, tests, videos
  • Inspiring: DYI instructions, recipes, tips and tricks
  • Activating: challenges, tests, conversations.

Crasman and Native Advertising

Crasman considers native marketing a vital part of a broader digital marketing strategy. Native marketing supports other content marketing tactics efficiently. The benefits of native advertising are discussed individually with each of our clients.

Previously produced content such as blog posts and expert articles can be repurposed as native advertising. Other benefits of native advertising are high measurability, easy targeting and cost-effectiveness.

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