B2B Online Stores

A quick and easy user experience is just as important to corporate clients as it is to consumers.

The first objective in designing a business-to-business online store is often to take small but laborious orders and service requests to an online platform. Access to online availability and pricing information is a great help for many retailers and customers. 

The next steps towards a full-blown online store are enabling online ordering and invoicing. Depending on the client base and field of business, other methods of payment can either be enabled flexibly or might require integrations to different ERPs. A good B2B online store frees sales and customer service resources towards creating new business and developing existing services. 

Characteristics of a B2B Online Store

An online store is a valuable and always open service to B2B clients. A quick and easy user experience is just as important to corporate clients as it is to consumers. However, their expectations and wishes can be quite different to those in the retail business. A corporate customer might value the possibility to operate with only product numbers and presets. They want to have access their individual pricing and keep track of their volume of orders. Corporate customers might also wish to receive information about delivery times in relation to availability and distribute their purchasing to multiple people inside their organization. Our online B2B stores and solutions are able to meet all these expectations.

B2B online stores often feature product selections and pricing that are individual to certain clients. A B2B online store can feature a price negotiation tool that enables a registered customer to see all products without pricing. They can add products to their shopping cart and send a request for a quotation. The vendor can then set the prices and prepare a tailored proposition for the customer.

Our Solutions for B2B E-Commerce

Crasman offers versatile solutions for online business-to-business stores. We begin our work by mapping out and analyzing the clients' business strategy, customer profiles and online processes. We then base the choice of technologies and platforms on this analysis. 

Light B2B web shop solutions are managed entirely through the online platform. In more complex applications the online store must be seamlessly integrated to other back-end systems. With larger shops integrating to logistic and transactional systems becomes a priority. Creating multiple language versions and localizations is a must for international web shops.  

Once requirements and objectives have been set, we can choose the technologies for achieving them. Crasman develops online store solutions using the open-source Magento 2 platform and our proprietary Crasman Stage & Studio platform.

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