B2C Online Stores

Crasman has a long and varied experience in designing, developing and producing online B2C retail shops.

An online B2C shop can answer to varying needs. In some cases a company conducts all of its business online. Sometimes B2B businesses decide to expand their clientele to include consumers. The most common scenario is a company deciding to take their brick-and-mortar business online.

Regardless of their premise, we have found that the best B2C online stores feature a high level of accessibility, seamless and pleasant user experience, high-quality and visualized product information, quickness of operation and a smooth transaction process. Modern consumer-oriented online stores include advanced features such as automatization, personalized content and machine learning. Incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) into the design process ensures best results also for further development. Under the hood an online store must be easy to maintain and expand to meet changing business objectives and demands. 

We begin new client projects by assessing the starting point and objectives for the online store. We analyze and define goals, competition, products, buyer profiles and user needs. We map out all the back-end processes, systems and logistics related to the web store and pick the best solutions and technologies accordingly. Crasman develops online stores using our proprietary Stage platform and  the open-source Magento e-commerce platform.

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