Custom Online Store Solutions

Stock platforms seldom offer sufficient features for a fully integrated online store. In these cases a custom solution is your best option. 

In most cases, an online store is launched to complement an already established business. It can be an extension of a brick-and-mortar operation. It might also be an entirely new sales channel for a B2B company. An online store must have seamless integrations for all other business systems and processes regardless of the starting point. We always begin our web shop projects by mapping out our clients' business environments and individual needs.

Once the requirements and objectives are set, it is time to choose the right technologies and platforms for the project. Stock platforms seldom offer sufficient features for a fully integrated online store. In these cases a custom solution is your best option. 

The Crasman Stage and Studio platform enables us to develop a solution that fully meets our clients' expectations and objectives. Stage-based web applications feature all desired features and functionalities and nothing unnecessary. 

Crasman Stage is a fully scalable platform for all online services:

Crasman Stage is Fully Integrable

A web service usually requires importing and exporting information to and from different systems, such as customer relationship management systems, product information management systems, storage databases, executive functions and reservation systems. Crasman Stage features wide integrations and a documented application programming interface that make data flow between systems a breeze.

  • CRM Systems: HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
  • ERP Systems: AutoMaster, Dafo, Microsoft AX, SAP, Valueframe
  • Transaction Services: Adyen, Avarda, Klarna, Paypal, Paytrail, Svea
  • Marketing Automation Systems: HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot
  • PDM Systems: Modultek, SAP
  • Standard APIs: CSV, FTP, JSON, REST, SOAP, Web services, XML
  • Other Custom Integrations.

A Cloud-Based Application Service Is a Safe Solution

The Crasman Stage application service is fully scalable for local and global online solutions. Our global content delivery network (CDN) ensures that our services work without delay regardless of the user's location. Our application service features a 99,5 percent availability guarantee.

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Crasman Stage is a platform for all digital applications such as business websites, online stores or e-services.

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Crasman Studio

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Our consulting services are independent of your chosen digital technologies and other partners.

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