Document and Media Management

Document and media management means focusing all your business's content into one location from where it can be easily dispensed to different target audiences and platforms.

A document and media management system keeps your images, documents, logos, sound files, videos and brand materials in order and readily available.

It is a cost-effective tool for optimizing both internal and external communications and marketing that keeps email inboxes from flooding with large files and collects the latest versions of images and documents into one place.

The Benefits of Document and Media Management

A document and media management system is a versatile and cost-effective solution for modern marketing and communication needs. A well-designed user interface makes downloading, sharing and utilizing marketing materials a breeze. A document and media management system is easily integrated into other business systems for a seamless workflow.

Crasman Studio

Crasman Studio is our proprietary modern and secure document and media management solution. Crasman Studio takes your content management to the next level: 

  • Single Sign-On
  • Centralized and time-saving user management 
  • Limitless integrations to other publishing platforms
  • Automatic image conversions
  • Versatile meta information for categorizing, tagging and keywords
  • Certified secure content management

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