Product Information Management (PIM)

Product information management (PIM) is a flexible and orderly solution for updating, maintaining and compiling product information.

Rich product information is often scattered between the email inboxes of product managers and employees, spreadsheets and network drives. Technical information is usually stored in its own ERP system, but product information remains often decentralized and difficult to manage. 

What is Product Information Management?

PIM systems allow for easy storage of product information for your customers and stakeholders. It houses content for all publishing platforms used by sales and marketing, such as websites, online stores, brochures, quotations and store shelves. Additional PLM and PDM systems help in managing product processes and lifespan. 

A PIM system is a database that holds all key information relating to your business:

  • Technical product information from back-end systems (measurements, materials, sizes, customer-individual pricing)
  • Product images
  • Marketing content and rich product information (short and long product descriptions, product-specific instructions and store materials)
  • Different language versions

The Benefits of Product Information Management

Well-executed product information management is a competitive advantage that speeds up introducing new products to the market. Often PIM generates immediate savings by eliminating overlapping processes

PIM provides your entire staff and customer base with current product information. All updates are immediately published in all digital channels. Producing quotations, brochures and sales materials becomes significantly easier thanks to automated image conversions and layout design.

  • No more miscellaneous spreadsheets.
  • No more cutting, copying and pasting a thousand times over.
  • No more outdated product information.
  • Significantly easier and faster layout design.
  • Easy management of different language version.
  • Automated image conversions.

Crasman and PIM

Crasman provides Akeneo PIM and tailored PIM solutions. We help you to define the requirements based on your business goals into a concrete PIM implementation plan.

Crasman has extensive experience in building PIM solutions and creating demanding integrations. We specialize in creating solid eCommerce solutions supported by PIM.

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