The need for traditional printed brochures has diminished but not vanished entirely. Thanks to automated layout design producing brochures doesn't have to be a tedious and slow process.

Automated layout design utilizes pre-existing content and generates savings by reducing manual labor and enabling you to print only the needed amount of brochures.

Traditional layout design takes time and usually requires the services of an outside designer. Sending the brochure to be printed can be delayed by small errors or outdated product information. Sending the materials back and forth between the designer can quickly ramp up the cost of producing a product catalogue. 

Automated Layout Design Syncs Printed Materials With Your Online Store

Automating layout design frees employee resources to other business areas as every product image or description isn't added individually. Once your rich product information has been entered into your product information management system, it can be quickly and easily imported into brochures and catalogues. 

A focused document and media management system helps keep all information current and prevent outdated information from getting into brochures. This enables your print materials to always match the information on your website or online store. 

How Does Web-to-Print Work?

To automatize layout design your product information must first be entered into a PIM system or similar. The product information and related materials can then be collated automatically and combined into a PDF document that follows the visual guidelines of your business. The design of the document is highly customizable without the need for external desktop publishing software. 

You can reuse your layouts and design templates for individual campaigns and offers. A salesperson heading to a trade show can quickly create a custom brochure with just the products they want using presets and templates. Web-to-print functionality makes compiling brochures and catalogues a breeze. 

Multiple Language Versions with Ease

Once your product information has been entered into your system, they can be used to automatically generate different language versions of brochures and catalogues without having to even have proficiency the language in question. The brochure is always generated using the latest up-to-date product information.

Errors in translation can be fixed in the product information management system and instantly updated to all locations. After revisions the brochure can be easily printed again without the need for time-consuming proof-reading rounds.

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