Online shopping has never been more popular. In 2017, almost two thirds of the Finnish population aged 16 to 64 had shopped online during the previous three months. People’s daily lives changed in the spring 2020, when brick-and-mortar shopping stopped almost completely except for necessary everyday purchases. During the remote days, consumers found salvation in e-commerce – in the light of research data, 37% reported that the coronavirus epidemic had some or a significant positive effect on their attitude towards e-commerce.

The industrial world is following suit and the expectations towards B2B web shops are equal to those of B2C shops. Customers demand high-quality product information, effortless shopping and intelligent offers.

User experience is a key feature to those comparing vendors, service providers and products. A fast and user-friendly online store that complements personal sales work is a valuable part of a company's service experience.  

How do you build a successful and scalable online store?

Online shopping at its best is fun, easy and quick. To meet these goals an online shop must contain versatile and precise product information. It can help the customer find what they are looking for and perhaps recommend something different based on the customer's behavior. When the customer has found a product they like, the purchasing process must be made simple and short.

 The online store has to be technically reliable. Smoothness of operation is essential for both the user and search engines. Accessibility, search engine optimization, analytics and multi-channel marketing are vital parts of designing, implementing and developing a successful online store.

From our customers' point of view a successful online store generates sales, is easy to maintain and can be expanded to meet developing objectives. Constant development is a key feature of running a profitable web shop.

We develop online stores using our proprietary Crasman Stage & Studio platform and the open-source Magento e-commerce platform.

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