Composable as a Service

Composable-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a curated selection of digital commerce systems by Crasman, which we combine to create a reliable, cost-effective technology solution that meets our customers' business needs. Our monthly service includes everything necessary for the continuous maintenance of a modern composable architecture.

Crasman Composable as a service -teksti yläosassa. Alapuolella sisäkehällä Your curated composable commerce stack-, seuraavana Single point of contact and first-line support- ja uloimpana Infrastructure, security and automation -teksti

What does Composable-as-a-Service consist of?

Our monthly service covers services tailored to your Composable Commerce suite, taking care of the infrastructure of the technology solution, availability monitoring, the operation of integrations, and user support.

Purchase funnel icon

Purchase funnel

We implement purchase funnels using cloud technologies and off-the-shelf products such as Shopify and Medusa.js.

Product Information icon

Product information

We build product information management systems using Akeneo PIM.

Marketing icon


We implement marketing solutions with Shopify and HubSpot.

Content icon


Contentful, Strapi, and Prismic are among our offerings as content management tools.

Digital asset management icon

Digital asset management

Cloudinary and Crasman Studio are our choices for digital asset management.

Data and Analytics icon

Data and analytics

Google Cloud's data capabilities and Looker Studio are our tools for data management and analytics.

Integrations icon


We implement integrations utilizing Azure Integration Service and Google Cloud products.


Composable as a Service technologies

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Step 2: The first version of the service

After the technical planning, we implement the first version of your digital commerce solution with the selected technology palette. The curated Composable-as-a-Service technology selection ensures the systems are integratable.

Step 3: Continuous development, reliable maintenance

After the implementation phase, we move on to continuous development in sprints, garnering benefits from automation and scalable cloud solutions. Our skilled team takes care of the overall service within the framework of our Composable-as-a-Service service.

Benefits of the Composable-as-a-Service service


carefully selected and interoperable technologies

80 %

more cost-effective solution than an in-house team or purchased consultants


Highly praised user support available by phone and email

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