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Shopify  combines the seamless scalability of a cloud-based platform with the flexibility of a customized eCommerce solution. Shopify is a functional solution, particularly suitable for businesses seeking growth and those already experiencing rapid growth.

In a Shopify online store, it is possible to customize the appearance and implement desired integrations, enhancing and optimizing the shopping funnel of the eCommerce site.

When you choose Shopify, you gain access to:


  • Easily customizable and modular templates
  • Multichannel sales tools (online store + store)
  • Payment processing (Shopify Payments, with the option to integrate services like Paytrail)
  • Efficient checkout process that can be expanded with numerous upselling features
  • SEO and marketing tools


Crasman is an official Shopify partner


We are here to assist you in building your online store, customization, optimizing the purchase journey, and growing your business through data-driven growth strategies.


Our expertise lies in comprehensive, highly fast, and uniquely user-experience-oriented eCommerce implementations, enabling strategic growth in digital commerce.


With Shopify, you can create both B2C and B2B online stores. In the modular web store ecosystem (Composable Commerce), Shopify can represent the sales funnel alone, functioning exceptionally effectively in that capacity!




Why do millions of companies choose Shopify?

Stability and Reliability

The technological platform of Shopify is built to handle high volumes of visitor traffic. You don't have to worry about potential spikes in traffic or server capacity. Companies can focus less on technology and more on growth strategy.


Shopify operates as part of a modular and modern eCommerce ecosystem. The system allows for easy management of multiple stores and online shops. Online stores can also be easily localized, for example, in different language versions.


Getting started with an online store is quick and easy thanks to Shopify's fully hosted platform, intuitive management tools, and flexible APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Switching from another system (e.g., WooCommerce or Magento) can be seamless, and product migration can be handled in various ways. The comprehensive admin panel provides detailed insights into orders, visitors, and even physical stores. Built-in SEO features and automated marketing facilitate business growth based on data.



Shopify focuses on innovations such as new channel integrations and features that constantly adapt to changing consumer behavior. With 1.7 million online stores powering the platform, Shopify continuously develops and updates its system with proven solutions. Updates are applied automatically, relieving merchants of the burden of software updates. Shopify also takes care of the updates and functionality of its applications (add-ons).

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Shopify offers several pricing tiers to accommodate different types of online merchants, starting at $39 per month. Shopify does not charge annual licensing fees; instead, the technology and maintenance costs are included in the monthly subscription.


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