Data and analytics

Data drives and data delivers - namely, revenue. Modern business thrives and grows when bits and euros are put under the magnifying glass and brought into alignment. 
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To evolve, digital business requires information about the efficiency of its online services and marketing.

However, the quantity or quality of usable data can become a problem - often both. What is needed are effective metrics and an understanding of how to interpret them - knowing when to pat the team on the back or when additional effort might be needed.

Installation and implementation of analytics

Once the plans have been made, it is time to build a functional, automated, and sustainable data collection mechanism. The foundation of modern web analytics typically consists of a combination of the following tools:


Every web analyst's standard toolkit.


Full control over website analytics data.


Customizable reports and dashboards.


Interactive visualization and management of business data.

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Tracking, analysis, and reporting of analytics

Especially at the beginning of the tracking phase, it is important to ensure the flawless functioning of the metrics. Metrics without monitoring are meaningless because:

  • Statistical data does not equal understanding. Understanding the reasons behind numerical values requires both the client's and the expert's comprehension and seamless dialogue to grasp the bigger picture.

  • If there is no metric set to monitor a specific aspect, data cannot usually be retrospectively collected. Therefore, it is important to continuously develop and refine analytics to meet new needs.

  • Data should be generated to meet the needs of the entire organization. The metrics for marketing often differ significantly from the analytics models designed for sales or business management purposes.

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