Growth Marketing

We identify growth opportunities and solve challenges related to digital sales and marketing with insight, strategy, and continuous development.
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Boosting sales and marketing collaboration.



Turning marketing into a growth engine.


Customer Experience

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Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is a collaborative model that identifies problems and obstacles related to sales and marketing that hinder digital growth. This allows for justified actions to solve these problems.

Crasman's growth marketing is carried out by a data-driven and multidisciplinary team committed to promoting online business growth. A comprehensive approach to marketing that takes into account the entire customer journey distinguishes growth marketing from so-called traditional marketing.


Consumers start their buyer's journey from a search engine. (Forrester)


A more effective way to convert leads than outbound methods. (Gartner)


Lower customer acquisition cost with growth marketing. (McKinsey)

What is Growth Marketing in Practice?


CRM Marketing

Customer loyalty, retention, return, and lifecycle.


Inbound Marketing

Attracts customers with tailored and valuable content.

Markkinoinnin automaatiot-ikoni

Marketing Automation

Management and execution of routine tasks automatically.


Growth Hacking

Lightweight and cost-effective digital marketing tactics.



Integrated and multichannel marketing communication.

Growth-driven design -ikoni

Growth-Driven Design

A data-driven method that focuses on continuous improvement of website performance and user experience.

Growth Marketing Process


1. Vision

The vision (insight) is reached through a process where information, evidence, and observations are collected from various sources, contexts are pondered, and contradictions are examined. Insight research gives the growth strategy the opportunity to form evidence-based views on the effectiveness of digital sales and marketing. Therefore, the vision is always based on researched information and data.


2. Strategy

A successful and impactful sales and marketing strategy requires a growth strategy based on the company's business goals.


Strategic growth planning is based on business goals and vision (insight).


The growth strategy brings together information on how to get customers and how to keep them. It ties together the company's product or service offering and competitive advantages. It defines, among other things, target groups, customer experience, and digital channels through which customers are reached.


In the planning, in addition to insight, the necessary resources, digital touchpoints, and their development needs are also taken into account.


3. Continuous Development

In the digital world, the secret to success is simple: The collaboration of sales and marketing, its continuous development, and reliable support.


The heart of continuous development done together with the customer is business, measurable growth, and its goal-oriented growth-oriented planning.


A good growth strategy uses several contents, channels, and tools for communication with different target audiences.


Crasman is an active developer of sales and marketing as well as customer experience. We ensure that development measures remain planned, up-to-date, and growing our customers' business.


By working together, we make you shine.

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