HubSpot helps businesses acquire more customers

HubSpot is one of the world's most popular marketing automation platforms.

HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of tools that assist businesses in increasing sales, enhancing their online presence, and optimizing their marketing efforts.



An easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) system.


Marketing Hub

Marketing and analytics tools



Publishing system and tools for website implementation.


Sales Hub

Sales tools for lead and deal management.


Service Hub

Customer service tools for nurturing contacts.

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Consolidating customer data in one place automatically

With HubSpot's free CRM system, you can stay updated on the status of each of your customers and website visitors. HubSpot CRM creates a timeline for each customer where all relevant information is gathered.

You can collect communication between your company and customers using a browser extension. It records email conversations onto the customer's timeline, saving you time. You can also automatically log calls using HubSpot's mobile app.


Inbound marketing helps the customer

Inbound marketing is a methodology that focuses on helping the customer even before the first purchase. In many cases, this assistance can involve providing valuable information for free on the website. Inbound marketing is personalized and takes into account the customer's stage in the buyer's journey and their profile.


Visualize the customer journey with HubSpot analytics

The customer journey is the customer's path from the first contact with your company to making a purchase. The customer journey can be divided into three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision-making. The aim is to consider the customer's situation as they are guided towards a purchase. The customer relationship does not end - or should not end - with a single purchase, but customer retention continues towards the next purchase.

Thanks to the analytics provided by HubSpot, it is easy to consider the individual customer's situation on the customer journey. You can see what each customer has read on your website and what information they have provided to you through forms. You can use this information to define the stage of the customer journey and offer the right content at different stages.


HubSpot's user-friendly publishing system speeds up development

HubSpot's Marketing Hub includes its own publishing system, which allows even those without coding skills to easily create landing pages, blog posts, and visually appealing emails. Guiding website visitors towards becoming customers is one of HubSpot's strengths. With HubSpot's publishing system, anyone can build conversion paths aimed at collecting visitors' contact information.

HubSpot's analytics provides a good understanding of what works and what doesn't on the website. Thanks to the user-friendly publishing system, website development based on the information provided by analytics is fast. This enables continuous improvement of the website.

Pricing and implementation

HubSpot's pricing varies based on the functionalities your company needs. You can start with all products (CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service) for free, and you can add more features based on your company's size and requirements. Monthly prices start from 0 euros per month and can go up to around 2,200 euros per month.

In addition, there are costs associated with the implementation or onboarding, which can reach up to 4,000 euros. However, you can completely avoid or reduce this cost by purchasing HubSpot through Crasman or another HubSpot partner. Crasman can provide assistance in selecting the appropriate HubSpot license, implementing the system, and supporting its development.

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