Crasman Stage

A content management solution for all your digital needs

Digital marketing is the process of publishing high-quality content on several platforms and channels – possibly also in several languages. Crasman Stage is the only content management solution on the market that includes a fully featured and scalable product information management system. It enables you to store all your content and materials into one location and avoid multiple versions scattered across different systems.

Crasman Stage automates multiple content usage and publishing processes making the work of communication and marketing professionals easier. Image files are automatically converted and resized and can thus be readily used across online services, emails, social media channels, digital publications and print materials.

Global Online Services, Web Shops and E-Business

Crasman Stage is a platform for all digital applications such as business websites, online stores or e-services. Crasman Stage is fully scalable to enable further development and expansions: an online service originally intended for marketing product information can later be converted into an online store. Our automated translation workflow makes developing different language versions easy and quick. 

Crasman Stage is a fully scalable platform for all online services:

Crasman Stage is Fully Integrable

A web service usually requires importing and exporting information to and from different systems, such as customer relationship management systems, product information management systems, storage databases, executive functions and reservation systems. Crasman Stage features wide integrations and documented application programming interfaces that make data flow between systems a breeze.

  • CRM Systems: HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
  • ERP Systems: AutoMaster, Dafo, Microsoft AX, SAP, Valueframe
  • Transaction Services: Adyen, Avarda, Klarna, Paypal, Paytrail, Svea
  • Marketing Automation Systems: HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot
  • PDM Systems: Modultek, SAP
  • Standard APIs: CSV, FTP, JSON, REST, SOAP, Web services, XML
  • Other Custom Integrations.

A Cloud-Based Application Service Is a Safe Solution

The Crasman Stage application service is fully scalable for local and global online solutions. Our global content delivery network (CDN) ensures that our services work without delay regardless of the user's location. Our application service features a 99,5 percent availability guarantee.

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