We design and implement digital commerce solutions that work in the customer's world. We understand technically demanding entities and deliver them reliably.

We create sustainable digital commerce partnerships with a continuous development model. Always building a team that suits your needs, which develops your digital business from the first project in a multidisciplinary and systematic way.

Mies puhuu ja kolme henkilöä katsoo häneen keskittyneesti.

Digital commerce consulting

We identify new opportunities and identify problems to improve the profitability of your online business. We focus in business goals, customer experience, processes and technical solutions. Our multidisciplinary consulting team designs a sustainable roadmap for the future of your online store with you.



Digitaalinen kaupankäynti ikoni

Digital commerce

Digitaalinen asiakaskokemus ikoni

Digital customer experience

Kasvumarkkinointi ikoni

Growth marketing

Teknologiavalinnat ja arkkitehtuuri -ikoni

Technology choices and architecture

Näkymä Crasman Insight Live -tapahtumasta. Esiintyvä mies katsoo isolle näytölle, jossa aiheena verkkokaupan asiakaskokemuksen kolme tasoa, yleisö seuraa esitystä istuen.

Customer experience

We design the customer experience of digital commerce comprehensively with the help of our multidisciplinary team. We approach your customers' customer experience with user-centered design, content concepts, user interface design, visual design, growth marketing, and data analytics. Our goal is to design a seamless experience that increases customer satisfaction, improves sales, and strengthens our customer's brand.

Customer experience

Strategia ikoni


Design ikoni

UX/UI Design

data ja analytiikka ikoni

Data and analytics



digitaalisen kaupankäynnin koodirivit

Digital commerce solutions

The business goals of our customers determine the tools, processes, and technical architecture we propose. We assemble a suitable team of technical solution architects, software developers, and DevOps professionals to develop and take care of the technical solution of your online commerce.

To ensure their quality and cost-effective maintenance, we have curated a collection of various technical solutions and system entities for online commerce needs from both open source and commercial providers. We call this first-class online commerce enabling toolkit Crasman Composable.

Solutions for digital commerce

Verkkokaupat ikoni


Tuotetiedonhallinta ikoni

Product information management

Integraatio ikoni

Integration platforms

Pilviarkkitehtuuri ikoni

Cloud architecture

Markkinointiteknologiat ikoni

Marketing technologies

Crasman Composable as a service -teksti yläosassa. Alapuolella sisäkehällä Your curated composable commerce stack-, seuraavana Single point of contact and first-line support- ja uloimpana Infrastructure, security and automation -teksti

Composable as a Service (CaaS)

Composable as a Service (CaaS) is a selection of online commerce systems curated by Crasman, which we combine to create a reliable and cost-effective online commerce technology solution that meets the business needs of our customers. For availability, security, and maintenance, we have created an easy service product, within which technologies can change, but the service level remains.

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Composable as a Service technologies


We have selected the following technology solutions to  be a part of our Composable as a Service selection:

shopify-logo hubspot-logo medusa-logo cloudinary logo bynder-logo lookker-logo Prismic-logo Microsoft Azure -logo contentful-logo akeneo-logo Google Cloud -logo strapi cloud-logo


Technologies and tools: 

node-js-white-logo Storybook-logo docker-logo github-logo react-logo terraform-logo typescript-logo


Data and Analytics:


matomo-logo Google Analytics -logo Power BI -logo looker-logo




We engage in client work within the framework of continuous development and multidisciplinary eCommerce teams. We always build a customized team tailored to our clients' needs, providing support to their own experts.


Scrum & Agile

Agile project implementation


Cross Functional

Multidisciplinary expert teams



Optimized software development process

Growht-Driven Design -ikoni

Growth-Driven Design

Data-driven approach focused on continuous improvement of website performance and user experience.

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