Technical Architecture Design

Careful planning of the technical architecture of a digital commerce solution guarantees longevity and reliability in its operation.


The technical architecture of an online store or digital commerce solution has a significant impact on its performance, usability, scalability, security, and costs. Effective planning can help the solution achieve its business objectives, such as increasing sales, enhancing customer satisfaction, and reducing expenses.

Technology choices

When designing the technical architecture of an online store, several technology choices need to be made based on business objectives.


When making these choices, factors such as customer behavior, other business systems, scalability, data privacy and security, integration capabilities, one-time costs, and ongoing expenses are taken into consideration.

Business objectives drive the technical architecture design

When it comes to architectural design and making technology choices, it is essential to start with the objectives of the business.


In the hands of skilled individuals, the company's strategy can also guide the requirements for technology: how much scalability is desired, the pace of development, the budget for the year, the desire to create a tailored customer experience - all these factors influence the technical design work.


Examples of Crasman's technical design work include:

  • Mapping and recommendations for further development of the current system
  • Designing Composable Commerce architecture
  • Assisting in technology competitions
  • Production of requirement specifications and technical specifications
  • Production of process descriptions
  • Designing internal tools and customized applications
  • Integration planning
  • Overcoming deficiencies in source systems (e.g. ERP or CRM) through customized applications

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