The Auto Industry

Climate change, urbanization, a shift in consumer behavior and the coming of the digital age are shaking the car business to the core.

Car dealerships are seeking new and innovative ways to make use of online services and are willing to present their customers with a complete digital pathway from purchasing a vehicle to supplementary services. And rightly so: consumers do most of their groundwork for purchasing a new vehicle online. 

New Forms of Driving, Private Leasing and Integrated Service Experiences

The Finnish car business has traditionally revolved around trade-in cars and related services. Consumer behavior is now shifting from traditional forms of ownership towards short-term ownership. This pushes car dealerships to introduce more flexible solutions such as private leasing contracts. 

Cars with renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly commonplace and dealerships must develop new solutions to meet the demands of educated consumers. To keep up with the competition, auto dealerships must present their customers with a first-rate user experience and seamless interaction between their online store and showroom.  

Experience and Vision in Auto Solutions

Crasman has a long and varied history in designing and producing online services for car businesses. Thanks to our important auto clients we have become experts in the field. We are familiar with the current state, trends and future of the auto industry.

We have had a major part in shaping the standards of the Finnish car business and have designed unique services and applications, such as the first online car dealership in Finland and the first auction site for used vehicles.  

Our solutions have integrations to the main back-end services of the auto industry (AutoMaster, Autovista, WebSales, WebAuto). Our experience in digital car sales make us a trustworthy companion with a deep understanding of your business and the ability to present you with a tailored digital solution. 

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