The Manufacturing Industry

Crasman has a long and varied history in developing online solutions for industrial businesses.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The manufacturing industry is no longer a stronghold of conservatism. Many Finnish manufacturing enterprises have embraced the digital age and are including cutting-edge, intelligent digital solutions and services in their products. 

Manufacturing businesses are racing to find new solutions to retain their competitive edge. Anything and everything from background processes to marketing and customer service can benefit from digital applications.

Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Crasman has worked with many fine industrial companies since our establishment. Thanks to our long experience we are well versed in the business environments of the manufacturing industry and the special requirements of B2B operations. We have produced multilingual websites, online shops, product information management solutions and web-to-print applications for our customers. We also consult and coach our clients in the fields of content marketing and marketing automation.

Our collaboration with a new client usually starts off with a singular project such as a website and service reform. This enables us take a deeper look at the client's digital strategy and provide our input and expertise. A close collaboration usually highlights other areas of development such as challenges in product information management, tiresome manual working processes and difficulties in providing efficient service for smaller clients. These are the kinds of problems Crasman can address with digital solutions.

Our solutions are always business driven: we design and implement services and applications with a clear goal in mind and make sure that the success of our projects can be reliably measured. We develop our solutions further by utilizing analytics and metrics for a success-certified collaboration.  

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a tool for presenting the customer with the right kind of content at the right time – and thus gaining their business.

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Digital strategy

We consult and train our clients in the digital challenges they face.

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Product information and content management

PIM, image and content management systems and brochure tools help focus and distribute your content.

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