Wholesale and Retail

Crasman provides flexible solutions for online shopping and e-commerce.

Online shopping has become a standard of the digital era. Digitalization has removed many obstacles between shops and customers making shopping even easier.

Consumer behavior has simultaneously changed and customers have become more demanding. An online shop has to meet and exceed consumer expectations or risk losing their customers to their competitors – after all, they are always just one click away. 

Intense Competition in a Borderless World

Digitalization has blurred the barriers between wholesale and retail shopping. Many believe that middlemen will eventually disappear as manufacturers are selling their own products at an increasing rate. Globalization has diffused the significance of geographical borders making competition even more intense.

Finnish consumers are delighted by the low prices brought on by the arrival of major international players. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot compete with prices and are better off focusing their efforts in providing a first-rate user experience. A wide-ranging selection, high-quality product images and fast delivery rates are minimum requirements for a modern online shop. 

A Lengthy and Diverse Experience in E-Commerce

An integrated online service that provides added value isn't produced overnight. A successful outcome requires trial and error. Crasman has years of experience in crafting online services for wholesale and retail businesses. The integration between the online world and a brick-and-mortar shop maximizes a business's potential by introducing their selection for the whole world to purchase.

Crasman's innovative solutions create measurable value and revenue for our customers. Our diverse experience enables us to craft brilliant solutions in product searching, presenting product information, streamlining sales processes and online integrations. 

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