Place to be for Creative Nerds

Our greatest strength lies in the rich and diverse range of expertise and personality types we possess. However, there is one thing that unites us all - we are creative nerds.


A creative nerd is a brave and innovative soul who harnesses technology for their creativity. They are analytical, curious, and fair individuals who don't settle for obvious solutions when solving challenges.

Viisi henkilöä keskustelee ja katsoo vasemmalle kohti kuvan ulkopuolelle jäävää kohdetta.

A collaborative mindset, flexibility, and personal development are strengths of Crasman's work culture. We greatly value expertise, a willingness to learn, and a proactive approach to getting things done.


We naturally offer our employees a wide range of benefits, which you can read more about below, but our biggest asset is our culture - relaxed, direct, caring, and hands-on.

Ruutupaitainen mies katsoo kuvan ulkopuolella olevaa kohdetta. Etualalla mies työskentelee tietokoneella.

Many people come to us to stay - our turnover is among the lowest in the industry, and several individuals who have left us in the past have found their way back over time. We warmly welcome both new arrivals and old acquaintances, as we understand that the working life is a two-way street - developing one's expertise and having a fulfilling life outside of work are equally important as having a pleasant workplace itself.

"An employee who feels good and is motivated leaves a positive impression on both customers and colleagues."

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