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A breakthrough in eCommerce technology

Faster and preferably yesterday, and nothing is permanent. How can we respond to the speed of change in eCommerce with our technology choices?

And how can we assemble a team that achieves results more cost-effectively while increasing people's satisfaction?

Crasman Insight #5

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eCommerce Background Processes

The successful online store is a seamless combination of countless processes, where customers only see the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, diligent efforts are made to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that customers receive nothing but the best. 

Crasman Insight #4

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Leasing based car acquisition and new target groups

We found out what factors drive consumer choices and what car dealerships should do next.

Crasman Insight #3

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What is sustainable eCommerce?

Sustainability is increasingly guiding purchasing behaviour. Online retailers need to react proactively to market demand to secure their competitive position. We clarified what that means in practice.

Crasman Insight #2

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The shocking year of eCommerce 2020

What happens to a business when a pandemic rumbles in and close contact becomes a health risk? We collected data, summed up the findings, and predicted the future.

Crasman Insight #1

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