User-Centered Design

Focus on the user's actual needs in the design process of a web service translates to ease of use and true added value.

User-centered design places the user at the center of designing a service, application, experience, object or product. The designer must take the needs and wishes of the user into account in all stages of the design process. User-centered design results in a highly usable and helpful service or product.

A positive user experience leaves a positive impression that influences buyer behavior and generates revenue also in the future.

Methods of User-Centered Design

User-centered design fuses the designer’s vision with the actual needs of the end user. User needs and wishes can be mapped out with the following methods:

  • Usability tests can help in determining the ways people use a service. Test subjects can be presented with assignments to find a specific service or product from a web service. Ease of use and quality of the service can then be evaluated based on the performance of the user.
  • User enquiries are a simple way of generating information that is useful especially in the early stages of a development project. Enquiries can produce extensive knowledge on the needs and wishes of users.
  • User interviews are a way of collecting more specific data on user needs and wishes towards a web service. They are an excellent supplement to usability testing.
  • Analytics and data are complementary methods of designing in a user-centered manner. Analytics are an excellent tool for pinpointing usability problems.

Crasman is an Expert of User-Centered Design

Continuity is an integral part of user-centered design. A specification of user needs that was produced at the start of the project might become outdated over the years.

Our design is always firmly rooted in user-centered methods and continuous development. This way we can always present the user with the best possible user experience.

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