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We offer digital commerce consulting and e-commerce solution design and implementation.

Our team values great customer experience and business growth. We manage technically demanding projects and deliver solutions reliably.

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Companies already creating the future of digital commerce with us include:

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Creative Nerds

A rich range of skills and individuals is our great strength. However, one thing unites us all - we are creative nerds.

A creative nerd is a brave and innovative soul who harnesses technology to aid creativity. We are analytical, curious, and fair individuals who do not settle for the most obvious solutions when solving challenges.


"Crasman is a community where everything is discussed and everything is explored."



Identify business challenges, explore new opportunities, and create concepts with the team to solve them.



Visualize data clearly. Learn and guide continuously based on data. Optimize what has already been done to make it better.



Publish services, products, and digital commerce solutions. Utilize your fast-moving team to create prototypes and lightweight versions for concrete results.


A Deep Dive into eCommerce

Crasman Insight is a publication that delves deeply into the phenomena, trends, and insightful factors of eCommerce.

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"For us, genuine partnership means that we do not just order the necessary implementations from Crasman, but we have ongoing discussions about the development of e-commerce.”


"I have never seen a project of such a large scale that would have been implemented in such a short time."


"We have a vision and thought behind our order, but they guide us to a better solution than planned."


"I knew that the schedules would hold, the agreed things would hold, and everything started on the right track from the beginning. There was no feeling that I would be uncertain about something. And no one ever explained things that were not done, because there were none."


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